Welcome to the KosmosPvP webstore! Here you can buy stuff but recently, due to the new EULA, we cannot sell "gameplay changing" items and in-game currency. We will think of new items to sell, be patient. We are not working with Mojang. If buying, please be in the current world. Example: Buying a rank from Survival, must be in the server Survival or else you WILL NOT RECIEVE. Thanks for shopping at the KosmosPvP store!

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Welcome to Kosmos PvP! Remember that Purchases aren't Refundable and When you Lose a Package because you Died, It Will Not be Returned! Only Some Might be Returned in Some Cases. All Ranks have Kits that can be used Daily or Unlimited. Packages will be delivered in 1-24 Hours! Ranks are Stackable! Thank You for Shopping at Kosmos PvP!

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Email Us If You Have Questions @ kosmospvp@gmail.com